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Urgent Need for Automation at Sony
In today’s ever-changing landscape of content management – with larger libraries, stricter timelines and more content to be pushed out – Automation is the need of the hour.
When Sony’s hour of crisis came, they turned to us for a solution! Our simple, yet innovative products ensured that they weren’t outpaced by the booming content market.
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Tessact’s Analytics tool ensured that the content was thoroughly processed and that it adhered to all the compliance regulations, specific to the regions the content was going to.
Creating a coopera­tive AI environment is what we were looking for when we decided to deploy Tessact, an automated AI tool, for Standards & Practices department. Last year we started with 40% accuracy and today we have advanced to 70% accuracy.

Tessact’s ability to process large volumes of data with speed and accuracy has been a great asset in terms of assisting us to move faster and meet timelines ahead of schedule! Besides the speed, the fact that this AI tool identifies more than required, ensures that we do not miss out on anything critical. In today’s scenario, AI/ML/Deep Learning have become an integral part of our daily lives. Tessact has brought to us a robust technology; we now look forward to taking the graph up to 80%.
Artificial Intelligence enabled 9X
Being India’s largest Music Broadcaster, meeting the content demands today is a challenge in itself! 9x came to us for a unified solution for their content management. As always, we delivered!
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Tessact’s flagship product, Trigger, was the perfect tool to take on this challenge. Using Trigger’s metadata generation and smart content discovery, 9x was able to leverage AI to efficiently collaborate, and create content.
With Tessact’s Auto compliance tool any kind of content can be processed to detect all the potential compliance prone scenes with support for multiple Indian languages.
Automating workloads for Viacom18
With 21 channels under their wing, one of Viacom’s biggest challenges was streamlining the Release order process.
With different formats for release orders from different channels, the process of standardising all of it became a tedious and inefficient one. That’s when we stepped in!
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Through Tessact’s OCR technology, we automated this entire process. The tedious and time consuming process of converting and processing these release orders became a walk in the park! To date, we have processed more than ___ release orders from Viacom18, adding considerable efficiency to their business.
With Tessact’s Auto compliance tool any kind of content can be processed to detect all the potential compliance prone scenes with support for multiple Indian languages.
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Tessact’s greatest achievement, we believe, is our ability to scale seamlessly. Whether you have a five-member team or a team of hundreds, we can help you with ease! Add to this, an amazingly quick turnaround time!
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