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Driving Content Analytics forward through our Advanced Artificial Intelligence systems
Tessact’s ability to process large volumes of data with speed and accuracy has been a great asset in terms of assisting us to move faster and meet timelines ahead of schedule! Besides the speed, the fact that this AI tool identifies more than required, ensures that we do not miss out on anything critical.
Madhuri MalhotraHead - Standards & Practices, Sony Pictures Network India
Media management, redefined!Streamline your content management with Trigger – our AI-powered solution for your post-production content collaboration.
Discover the best moments
Extract Metadata
Automate Compliance
The best teams out there work with Trigger!
From Sony to 9XMedia, BARC and more employs Trigger’s advanced collaboration and media processing capabilities. Join them!
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Arrow Analytics
Viewership Analysis
Our advanced analysis algorithm will let you establish patterns from viewership data and content metadata that will help improve your viewership. Gaining market edge has never been easier!
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Seamless integration
Trigger seamlessly uses plugins for Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro, and integrates with your workflow.
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Video Tracking and Surveillance at its best!
Advanced AI facial detection and monitoring systems to take surveillance to the next level, be it at-home surveillance or Airport Security.
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Contextual Advertising
Real-time analysis to create context-based advertisements and trivia that engage users and improve viewership experience

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Trigger Mobile
All that power, in your pocket
Trigger’s entire portfolio of advanced AI and collaboration tools can now be accessed on a single pane of glass! From anywhere, at any time. Create, Curate and Collaborate on the go effortlessly.
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Exploring new ideas in video processing and production
How to accelerate your workflow with Trigger
The effect of scene emotions on TRP ratings for TV shows
Mobile Powerhouse - Introducing Trigger Mobile
Accelerate media processing in your business. Let us show you how.