What we offer
With our industry-leading Artificial intelligence systems coupled with our expert technicians, we go above and beyond to make sure your media management gets the focus it truly deserves!
Metadata Preparation
Extract Metadata with newfound ease!
Through a combination of AI and in-house expert technical support, we double check your content to provide you exactly what you need, without errors.
That’s not all. A dedicated team focusing on attributes detection also provides invaluable analysis reports.
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Subtitle Preparation
Subtitles powered by the future, today
Harness the power of AI to generate real-time, error-free subtitles for your content.
Our team of expert curators takes it a step further, with meticulous quality checks to ensure adherence to all compliance regulations and standards.
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Tessact’s ability to process large volumes of data with speed and accuracy has been a great asset in terms of assisting us to move faster and meet timelines ahead of schedule! Besides the speed, the fact that this AI tool identifies more than required, ensures that we do not miss out on anything critical.
Madhuri MalhotraHead - Standards & Practices, Sony Pictures Network India
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